1. Car rental shall be effected on the basis of the concluded RENTAL AGREEMENT;

2. To rent a vehicle the driver must have a minimum of 21 and a maximum of 70 years. Where the driver’s age is between 21 and 25, there are additional requirements regarding the length of the license:
– for ages up to 21 years – minimum 2 years
– for ages 21-25, minimum 1 year

3. Prior to concluding the RENTAL AGREEMENT, the employee of the rental agency shall establish the identity and the address of the Lessee on the basis of at least two documents with a photograph (i.e. ID card, driving licence, passport) by comparing the person with the photographs and comparing the signatures of the Lessee on those documents. The signature should be also verified after signing the RENTAL AGREEMENT (also with the signature on the credit card, if possible). The Lessee should present the last ZUS RMUA (monthly report for insured person issued by the employer for the purposes of the Social Insurance Institution – ZUS), or employment confirmation or documents that confirm conducting of business activity;

4. After executing the Agreement, the parties shall execute a protocol of vehicle release constituting an integral part of the Agreement;

5. The Lessor shall determine and collect deposit against possible damage to the car. The deposit shall be settled after returning of the car (after valuation of possible damage);

6. The Hirer declares that: he shall accept full responsibility towards the Lessor for observance and fulfilment of all provisions included in the General Terms and Conditions of Rental; he has not been convicted for traffic offence and owns valid identity documents including driving licence;
7. The Lessee shall be obliged: not to drive the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or psychotropic substances; to pay all tickets, fees, etc. obtained by the Lessee as a result of non-observance of traffic regulations; to secure the vehicle against theft or damage using generally accepted means and with due diligence;

8. In the event of breakdown, loss or damage of the vehicle, the Lessee shall bear full financial liability. The customers are offered an insurance partially annulling the liability (CDW and TP). If the breakdown, loss or damage of a vehicle or its part have been executed on purpose or as a result of major negligence of the Lessee or by non-fulfilment of obligations or non-observance of the Agreement provisions, the Lessee shall bear unlimited financial liability towards the Lessor;

9. The fact of returning the vehicle shall be noted in the VEHICLE RENTAL AGREEMENT;

10. The fee resulting from the RENTAL AGREEMENT shall be charged in advance according to the Valid Price List. The fee for exceeding the mileage limit shall be charged after returning the vehicle;

11. The vehicles are rented with full petrol tank. The Lessee shall bear the costs of petrol used. In the event of returning a car without petrol, the Lessee shall be charged with the cost of the missing petrol amount;

12. In the event of road collision or other circumstances, the Lessee shall be obliged to immediately inform the police and the Lessor about the incident. The Lessee shall be obliged to settle all formalities with the Lessor regarding the repair of the resulting damage;

13. The particulars of the Lessee shall not be provided to the third parties or by phone;

14. The detailed Rental Conditions are included in the GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF RENTAL AGREEMENT and in the RENTAL AGREEMENT;

Pol-Motors Company reserves the right to change its offer as well as the Terms and Conditions of Rental at any time.

Valid from 3rd July, 2001.