Have you been involved in a road accident that wasn’t your fault?
Do you need a replacement car?

Call us and we will offer you a replacement car at the expense of the offender’s insurance (OC). This offer will allow you to enjoy a car rental while your car is being repaired or until you will be paid compensation for a total loss claim.

Pursuant to current laws and regulations if the vehicle used to: perform business activities, commute to work, rescue people’s lives or to any other activities, has been damaged in a road collision at fault of the other driver, the injured party has legal right to rent a replacement car at expense of the offender’s insurance agency.

In order to receive the compensation, the injured party must supply documentary evidences showing that damaged vehicle is essential for the said party and that the lack of vehicle will result in certain financial, health and moral losses.

You will be given a replacement car of the similar or higher quality in as smooth and as stress-free way as possible! Moreover, we’ll do all the formalities for you!

The documents necessary to enjoy our Replacement Car offer are:
– personal details of the injured party,
– personal details and number of liability insurance (OC policy no.) of the party at fault for the collision,
– report on damages to insurance agency,
– record of damages to the vehicle,
– police report or the offender’s statement,
– employment confirmation or documents that confirm conducting of business activity.

Call or write for more details:

phone +48 71 369 75 12
e-mail: wynajem@polmotors.wroc.pl