We offer you Ford Mondeo Hybrid station wagon and Suzuki Vitara Hybrid cars at your disposal. Hybrid cars have a number of advantages, which makes them more and more popular every year.

The main advantages of the hybrid include:

  • ecology – economical drive significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.
  • driving dynamics – the additional engine provides a reserve of power and acceleration when, for example, overtaking or starting from traffic lights.
  • savings – reduced consumption of fuel and car consumables is a direct saving for the vehicle user.
  • freedom – the user of a hybrid car does not have to worry about the lack of a charging station on the route or the range of the car. In terms of the range on a full tank, hybrid cars are not inferior to ordinary combustion cars. The possibility of refueling at regular stations makes it as practical as any other car.
  • recuperation – recuperation of energy from braking also affects much less wear of brake discs and pads. As a result, these parts need to be replaced much less frequently.

Suzuki Vitara Hybrid Suzuki Vitara Hybrid Suzuki Vitara Hybrid Suzuki Vitara Hybrid Suzuki Vitara Hybrid